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Are you a dog lover? What kind of dog do you love? There are a lot of cute dogs in this entire world. however, it is sure that every dog lover will love Pomsky as they are so darn cute. For your information, Pomsky is the combination between the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. Some people called them the mini Husky as they are look alike but in smaller size.

Then, how is the Pomsky adults size? As this kind of breed is quite new, there is no actual standard of how the dog will look, how big they will grow and what temperament they will possess. The physical appearance of this combination is sometime unpredictable, just like the most hybrid breeds. Usually, they will grown to be half of the weights of the parents which are the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. On the other hand, the adult size will depend on the size of the parents and the kind of cross breed it is. For instance, if a breeder combines a medium sized Pomeranian with a big Siberian Husky, then the result will probably be big in the stature and weigh around 25 pounds. However, the result can be around 15 pounds if you combine a small sized Pomeranian with a small Siberian Husky. The parentage is also the important key for the fur and the coloration of the Pomsky puppy.

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As the grown one, adult Pomski usually growns to the height of 10 to 15 inches. It is quite hard to predict the accurate height of this puppy as it depends on the height of the parents. Let’s try to calculate it. If the puppy is from the Pomeranian which is between 8 to 11 inches and the Siberian which is around 20 to 22 inches, then, the adult one will be around 10 to 15 inches.

How about the length of the adult Pomskies? The adult one is usually a bit longer than its stature. Apparently, the length is around 12 to 17 inches approximately. It is measured from its chest to its rear.

As for the weight of the adult Pomsky, it is usually around 20 to 30 pounds. Once again, it is not certain as it depends on the weight of the parents. The number is just an assumption of the weight of the male Pomeranian which is around 3 to 7 pounds and the female Siberian Husky which is around 35 to 50 pounds.

In the end, you have to keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the Pomsky will be of the specific height or weight. Everything depends on the parents and the kind of breed. In fact, the Pomsky can be below or above the average size.

If you are really interested in the small cute thing called Pomsky, then you do not have to worry about its future size. The size will not be matter when you love something that much. Go look for Teacup Pomsky for sale now and get one.

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