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Are you visiting this page because you are planning to get a Teacup Pomsky? You are in the right place then. Here, you will be informed about some places that have Teacup Pomsky puppies for sale. There are a lot of places you can visit in order to get a Teacup Pomsky. If you do not have time to visit a pet shop directly, you can purchase it online. As your reference, here are some online places you can try.

One of the best places is Premier Pups. This place is such a nice place to find a Pomsky Teacup you want. The first Teacup Pomsky on the list is Victoria. She was born on October 25th, 2017. She can live until she is 10 to 16 years old. She is considered small as her current weight is 1lb 8oz. In the future, her weight is expected to be 3.5 lbs. If you want to get her, you have to spend $3995. It seems so pricey but it is worth it. Victoria is Yorkshire Terrier. Apparently, it is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. This kind of breed is the small dog with plenty of spark and personality. Yorkshire, which is also more known as Yorkie, has the long silky coat that is steel blue and tan in color. For those who are looking for the accompanion dog, this one is the best option as they are self assured and fearless. On the other hand, they are very affectionate toward their family. You have to know that attention is the thing they love the most. It also can be mean that they do not like to be left alone, especially for the long periods of time. When it comes to children, they can get a long well. So, for those who have children, it does not matter at all. The other traits of this breed are alert, courageous, energetic, loyal, intelligent, independent, and playful.

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The second one is called Amy. She is 9 weeks. As she counted as Morkie or Yorktese, she is so affectionate, alert, energetic, friendly, intelligent, loving, loyal, playful, and social. To make her healthy, regular exercising is needed. If you want to bring her home, the cost is $1595.

The next Pomsky you can choose is Sapphire. Please prepare about $1995 to get her. Sapphire was born on November 13th, 2017. Right now, she is 1lb 5oz. When she is adult, she is expected to be 5 to 7 lbs. Sapphire is counted as Maltese. Not much different with the previous breeds, Maltese is the breed that is known for being affectionate, alert, cheerful, gentle, intelligent, lively, loving, playful, and social.

For your information, both Teacup and micro Teacup puppies need the most care in the first two weeks after arrival. Please make sure that your puppy is eating every 2-3 hours as soon as the puppy arrives to the new place. Good luck on taking acre of a Teacup Pomsky.

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