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Recently, there are a lot of people who want to have or purchase the Pomsky puppy. As we know that the Pomsky is cross breeding dog between the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky. You should know that the Pomsky is also known as a “designer dog breed”. The Pomsky puppies are very cute, adorable, loving and friendly. If you are curious about the appearance of the Pomsky puppy, easily you are able to see the pictures of Pomskies in this website. Or you can also search for other pictures of a Pomsky in some website which provide the Pomsky puppy for sale. How the Pomsky look like? The Pomsky dog is actually one of the large dogs. The average size of a female Siberian husky is 35-50 pounds and male Pomeranians 40 – 60 pounds. The Pomsky have the fluffy double coat which is very soft and have variety color like brown, black and grey.

In addition, in this article we will also share about Apex Pomsky. We get information that Apex Pomskies always give the best information to their customers. The information which given to the costumers is always accurate. In getting information, they are very conscientious and throrough. Based on the surveys, Apex is very knowledgeable on the Pomsky dogs and in using the safest measures once breeding. How about Apex Pomskies price? You have to know that Apex have the Pomsky puppies pricing system that very good and easy to understand by the people. We get information that they charge the Pomsky puppies based on the traits and ratio of that Pomsky puppy. For example, they are going to charge the Pomsky puppy in ranges from $2,000 up to $4,000 if that Pomsky puppy is 50/50 (It means half Siberian Husky and half the Pomeranian). Other example, they are going to charge the Pomsky puppy about $ 4,000 if that Pomsky puppy is 75/25 (It means 75% Pomeranian and 25% Siberian Husky). This combination make the Pomsky puppy is more expensive than other. Actually, there are some think which make the price of Pomsky puppy is variety. The prices of Pomsky puppies are also depend on the color, coat, age, size and eye color of that Pomsky puppy.

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Talk about Apex, we are going to know you that Apex also offer their Facebook fanpage. If you are visit on their Facebook fanpage, you are able to see that it has over 24,000 likes. Actually, their facebook fanpage is one of the strategies to create a trust of their customer. It is also help in marketing strategy. When you are on Apex Facebook fanpage, you are able to see that there are many pictures of Pomsky puppies which very cute and nice. Based on the research, there are a lot of people who have purchased the Pomsky puppies from Apex. The costumers said that Apex Pomskies are good and always give their best. Well, this is the explanation about the Pomsky dog, Apex Pomskies and some pictures of Pomsky puppies. We hope this article is useful for you, especially for you a lover Pomsky.

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