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Hello everybody. Do you have a pet dog in your home? In fact, there are many people who own the dog as a pet in their home. Recently, the pomsky dog is one the dogs which very popular to be a pet dog. The Pomsky dog is well known as the dog which has a good characters. The Pomsky dog is also very adorable and cute. So it is not wonder if there are many people who interested to purchase or adopt the Pomsky dog. By the way, do you know about the Pomsky dog? You have to know that the Pomsky is the cross breeding dog between the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky. The Pomsky dog is also known as a “designer dog breed”.

The Pomsky dogs have the fluffy double coat which is very soft so it need lots of brushing to maintain the softness of his coat. The Pomsky dogs are very comfortable in cold temperatures because they have the thick coat. How about the color of Pomsky? They have variety color include black, white, grey, black, blue and more. If you have the Pomsky, it is very important for you to trim the nail of Pomsky every week and brush the teeth of Pomsky daily. This breed dog is prone to dental problems.

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Talk about the Pomsky dogs, in this article we are going to tell about Toy Pomsky for sale. What is Toy Pomsky? You should know that Toy Pomsky is the Pomsky which has the size ten lbs in weight. As we know that the Pomsky dogs come in different sizes. Those are mini Pomskyor miniature Pomsky, Toy Pomsky and standard Pomsky. In fact, there are many people who prefer purchase Toy Pomsky than standard Pomsky. However, there are also many people who prefer purchase the Pomsky puppies. By the way, where do you can find Toy pomsky for sale? As the popular breed dog, it is easy to find the Pomsky dog because there are many breeders of Pomsky who provide the Pomsky dogs include Toy Pomsky. You are able to search from the internet the breeders of Pomsky that nearest of you. If you stay in California, you are able to visit Pomsky Pawz breeders which located in Redding, CA.

The Pomsky full grown will have different height and weight with other Pomsky. Actually we cannot know the real size of a full grown Pomsky until the Pomsky reach maturity. The size and genetics of its parents are the most important deciding factor. Generally, the Pomsky puppy will grow about half the total weight of its parents. If you want to know the size of the Pomsky full grown, you just need to add the weight of its Pomeranian father and Siberian Husky mother. Then divide by two. Based on the research, the average size of a female Siberian husky is 35-50 pounds and male Pomeranians 40 – 60 pounds. We think this is the easy way to know the Pomsky puppy full grown.

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