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Hello Pomsky lover, in this article we are going to discuss about the Pomsky. If you are interested to know more about the Pomsky, so you are able to read this article until finish. Based on Pomsky Wikipedia, the Pomsky is referred to as a “designer dog breed”. As far know that the Pomsky dog is a cross breeding dog between the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. There are a lot of people who want to have and purchase them because the Pomskies are loving, caring, adorable, smart and friendly dog. Besides that, the Pomsky has variety color like black, brown, white, blue, grey and more. The Pomsky have the fluffy double coat which is very soft, so you have to often brush it to maintain the nice soft coat of Pomsky. However, the coat of Pomsky is very thick so a Pomsky will comfortable in cool temperatures.

In this article we will also discuss about the Pomsky weight. Do you know about the weight of Pomsky? According to research, generally the weight of the male Pomeranian is about 3 – 7 pounds and the weight of the female Siberian Husky is about 35 – 50 pounds. Usually, the average weight of an adult Pomsky is about 20 – 30 pounds. We get information that the weight of the Pomsky is also dependent on the weight of the parents. Therefore, the Pomsky puppy will be grown about half the total weight of its parents. This is the ways to know the weight of the Pomsky. The first step, you have to add the weight of its Pomeranian father and Siberian Husky mother. Then the next step, you have to divide by two. As we said before that the average size of a male Pomeranians is about three to seven pounds and a female Siberian husky is about 35-50 pounds. In this case, we can estimate the highest of the weight of Pomsky to be around 28,5 pounds. Here its explanation, the weight of a female Siberian husky plus the weight of a male Pomeranians: 50 lbs + 7 lbs = 57 lbs, then divided by 2. We think this is very easy method to determine the weight of Pomsky.

Pomsky Wiki
By the way, do you know how about the height of the Pomsky? According to the research, the height of a male Pomeranian is about 8-11 inches tall (the height of the Pomsky is measured from the floor level to the shoulder where the neck and spine meet). Then, the height of a female Siberian Husky is about 20 – 22 inches tall. Generally, the Pomsky will grow about 10-15 inches.  How about the length of the Pomsky? Maybe you often see that an adult Pomskies are longer than their stature. Based on the research, the length of the Pomsky is about 12 – 17 inches. It measured from their chest to their rear. Well, this is the explanation about the Pomsky. We hope this article is benefit for you especially for you, the Pomsky lovers.

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