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The existence of Pomsky can steal your attention. It is because Pomsky is very cute. It has a a double coat which is soft, fluffy, silky and wavy. Its weight can reach 15 to 30 pounds and its height can reach 10 to 15 inches. The colors of Pomsky is usually white, brown, red, orange, black, blue, tan, cream or mix among those colours. Its curved tail and its medium sized head look proportional to the body. Besides, its medium length muzzle, rose or pointy small ears and almond shaped eyes are also an attraction of it. So, no wonder why people want to hug them. If you want to have it you can look for Pomsky pups for sale.

In the internet, there are a lot of breeders that offer Pomsky in a variety of price. Before you buy it, you have to read some information about Pomsky first to avoid a scam. For the price, Pomsky can be bought by paying about $1500 to $5000. If you find the price that is lower than this, you have to be careful because the breeder may sell the dog in a bad quality or even it is not a Pomsky at all. You also have to ask a lot of things in detail when you want to buy the Pomsky. You can ask about the dog’s health, its papers, the real picture of it, and the other things that is related to the Pomsky that you will buy. If you live in UK and now you are looking for Pomsky pups UK, you can search in the internet. Some of the Pomsky breeders in UK such as Prestige Pomskies, Nashobastar Pomskies, Celtic Star Kennels, and Moonlit Pomskys. Generally, you need to contact them by filling a form that has bee provided in the site. Through that form, you can ask anything related to Pomsky. Even in Prestige Pomskies, you can get into a waiting list to get a puppy that matches your requirements. It is not like the other breeders, in Prestige Pomskies, you still can remain on the waiting list indefinitely until you get the perfect puppy for you.

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Pomsky pups, like Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies, are highly energetic dogs and need a fair deal of exercise. They like playing and frolicking and they have infinite amounts of energy. So, it is necessary for ¬†you, as the owner, to be able to cater to your pet’s exercise needs. If you do not provide it with an outlet for its energy, the pups can turn destructive and develop various behavioral problems. When you groom this Pomsky Husky, you also need to give some cares such as giving it healthy food, trimming its hair, caring its nail, brushing its teeth, cleaning its ears and eyes, bathing it, and brushing its coat.So, before you buy the Pomsky, you have to make sure that you really can take care of it. Prepare some money and also your energy to take care of it.

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