Pomsky Puppies for Sale in Lubbock TX, USA

Lubbock TX is home to some of the best Pomsky dog breeders in the country. With its close proximity to Texas Tech University, an abundance of open land, and a thriving pet-friendly community, Lubbock has become a top destination for those looking for high-quality Pomskies. Whether you’re new to owning dogs or have been around them your whole life, you can count on the knowledgeable breeders here in Lubbock TX to help you find the perfect pup. From health clearances and vaccinations to temperament testing and more, these dedicated professionals strive to ensure that every puppy they place goes home with their ideal family. So if you’re searching for your own furry companion—look no further than one of Lubbock’s premier Pomsky dog breeders!

Pomsky Breeders in Lubbock TX

Hill Country Pomsky

San Antonio, Texas

We strive to ensure that our puppies have the best possible start in life, and are ready to join your family!


Liberty Pomskys

Liberty Hill, TX

Our journey began with a passionate love for the Pomsky breed. After spending nearly a year trying to find our furry family members, Emma and Logan, we eventually succeeded. To our surprise, they had puppies of their own much sooner than expected – sparking the idea of providing others the same joy that owning these adorable canines brings. We dedicated ourselves to learning all we could about ensuring the health and safety of each pup in our breeding program; this included taking extra steps such as genetic testing and proper nutrition for both parents and puppies alike. With years of experience under our belt, we now proudly run a home-based breeding operation so more people can enjoy life with their very own Pomskys!


Playful Pomskies

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

At Playful Pomskies, we consider our puppies to be members of the family. We are proud to work with families from all over the United States to bring joy into their homes with a new lively and vibrant pup. Our Texas home is where we take great care in breeding high-quality pomsky dogs that guarantee quality and happiness for years to come!


The Painted Pomsky

Denton, TX

We strive to ensure that our puppies have the best possible start in life, and are ready to join your family!


Missing Pomsky Breeder?

Are you a Pomsky breeder in Lubbock TX? If so, we would love to add you to our list of breeders! All we ask is that you have all the necessary ethics and code of conduct paperwork in check before submitting your application. We strive to ensure only the healthiest, happiest puppies are bred by our partners and take pride in being able to provide the best companionship experience. Please reach out to us if you feel that you meet all the requirements and we will be happy to consider you for the list.

Pomsky Misbehaving?

Have you spotted an error on our Pomsky Breeder list for Lubbock TX? We take great pride in keeping these lists up-to-date and error-free. If you have noticed any discrepancies, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can fix them quicker than you can say “Treat!“.

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