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Pomsky is one of crossbred dogs and now having a hybrid animal like this is a trend. Pomsky is a crossbreed between a Pomeranian and a Husky. The result of this crossbred is a dog called Pomsky that is very cute with the weigh from 10 to 30 pounds. Several pomskies look like huskies but the others favor Pomeranians. Perhaps you have seen their photograph or visited several pomsky puppies at the breeder. And then, you want to have them. A lot of people decide which of the many different looks they prefer. However, you have to know that the more specific your requirements for your puppies are, the more money you will pay. And now the question is, how much do Pomsky puppies cost?

The cost of puppies can be different and it depends on some factors such as their look, having papers or not, and the other factors. Pomsky puppies are actually more expensive than average and even it can be out of budget for the average buyer. It is because there are no many breeders available for them and they are considered as a rare dog and are always in demand. Generally, this kind of dog can be bought between $1500 to $5000. For Pomsky puppies which are smaller and which also have blue eyes, they even can be bought for a higher premium price than the others. And it is not included with the transportation cost. Even if the popularity of this dog increases, it is not impossible if the price will increase as well in the future.

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Besides thinking about the cost of a Pomsky that you will buy, you also have to think about their shelter, food, health, shampoos, and the other things that are related with their care. This kind of dog has to be fed a low-fat diet which is full of nutrients that can help them develop and maintain their luxurious coats. Several items such as chicken breast, white rice, and fish should be included into their diets unless your otherwise indicated by a veterinarian. Those food are very expensive and you may have to integrate certain puppy-chows into their diets as well. If you are worried about the health of this puppy, you do not have to. It is because there are no specific issues that can be found in this breed of dog. This puppy is healthy and easy to maintain. However, Pomsky puppy or Pomsky adult like the other dog will have medical expenses such as vaccines and also will need to visit the dentist because they may inherit dental problem from its Pomeranian parent.

Another thing that you must concern as well is making fence if your yard does not have it. You have to set fence in your yard because this dog can easily escape. So, how much do Pomskies cost with the other things related to care them? We can not give the exact cost because it is relative. However, when you decide to adopt a puppy, you have to be ready for everything to take care the dog.

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