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When we see pomskies running around the park, they are very cute because they are small. Perhaps you also want to have them because you can cuddle their small body. But then you are curious and ask, how big does a Pomsky get? Will it be always small like this or it can grow bigger like a Husky, one of its parents?

As we know that Pomsky is known to be small to medium sized dog, but there is no clear standard of how the dog will look. Generally, the Pomsky will grow to be half of the combined weights of the parents. So, to measure the size of it, you can add the weights of its parents and then divide it in half. For instance, if one parent weighs about 10 pounds and the other weighs 40 pounds so the total will be 50 pounds. Then, you divide it in half and the result is 25 pounds. So, you will get a 25 pounds Pomsky. If you cross breed between medium Pomeranian and a big Husky, then it will produce a Pomsky with big in stature and weigh around 25 pounds. However, if a small Pomeranian is cross bred with a small Husky, it can produce Pomsky with smaller size and weigh around 15 pounds. The color of the fur will depend on their parents as well. So, if you have a Pomsky and anyone ask you how big do Pomskys get? You can answer as described above.

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Quoted from, scientists examined the Portuguese Water Dog that is a breed that has both small and big size and they discovered that the answer lies in the sequencing of chromosome 15. The size of a dog breed is determined by IGF gene, but the process that mutates this gene is accelerated by the interference of human. The genetic make-up dogs permits them to be big or small. In nature, each group of dogs would have evolved into the sizes which suited their environment. Some factors such as food source, climate, geographical location and others would have determined the size and the other physical traits of dogs. Actually, if humans do not meddle, dogs in different parts of the world already had vastly different appearances. Then, when humans decided to dictate how dogs should look like, the evolution process was hastened.

Then, how about the cost of a Pomsky? The cost of every Pomsky will be different and it depends on several factors such as their health, their parentage, the prize that they won, their looks, and many more. However, the average cost of this dog is about $1500 to $5000. Now, there are not many Pomsky breeders so this kind of dog is considered as a rare dog. This rareness is also can be a factor of the expensive price of this dog. It is also not impossible that in the future this dog may have higher price because of its popularity. So, if you have an intention of having this dog, you do not only have to think about their cuteness or look but also you have to think about the cost of purchasing, cost for taking care them and how to treat them.

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