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One of the reason why people want to have Pomsky is because their cuteness. Their small body and also soft coat makes us want to cuddle and hug it. Pomsky puppy can be different in appearance and it depends on the content of the Pomeranian and the Husky. The colours of the Pomsky also can be different and you can find in grey, black, cream, red, white, or brown Pomsky. Besides, the dogs also can have different kinds of markings and usually they can be parti, sable or solid in color. The color of their eyes also varies and you can find it in green, brown, amber, husky blue or hazel. It is not uncommon for Pomsky to own different colored eyes as well. The coat of Pomsky is of a medium length that has a full downy undercoat. The appearance of the coat of Pomsky is soft and fluffy that is how it earned the nickname of a ‘teddy bear’ dog. Another unique feature of Pomsky is their erect ears that are inherited from the Husky parent.

If you are looking for a cute Pomsky in brown color, the blue-eyed brownie can be your good choice. For you who like brown color, perhaps this kind of Pomsky will attract your attention. This blue-eyed Brownie is a rare variation of the Pomsky. This type of Pomsky is high in demand because of its color pattern and eye colour. Two things that make the dog to be the most pretty types of Pomsky are the stark contrast in color between the brown coat and blue eyes. The variety contains the traits and they are deep blue eyes, semi-long double layered coat and brown coloring and markings. The size of this kind of dog can range the whole spectrum from small to big. Their stunning features are generally the talk of any room that they enter. However, discovering this variety of Pomsky can be hard because as we mentioned above that they are in high demand. If you find it and then you want to buy it, you have to prepare to pay the top price from a breeder because they generally value these markings very highly.

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Do you often see Pomsky only via internet? Well, if you just see Pomsky in the internet, it means that you do not know about the Pomsky size virtually. When they are full-grown, they will have weight that ranges from 17 to 30 pounds and the height ranges from 10 to 15 inches. The size of this dog can be different because it depends on their parents. A pomsky will reach the full grown size in one year. During six months, you will see them in more than half way done grooming. If you want to have them, you have to know about their health as well. Pomsky may inherit the Pomeranian’s dental problems that are generally caused by the buildup of plaque which can end up in tooth loss. However, you can avoid this by doing annual dental cleaning from the vet.

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