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It is a good thing if we have an adorable dog. Pomsky is one of an adorable dogs which has gorgeous look. The look is like the dog of your dreams especially when they are very young. Pomsky is a crossbreed of Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. If you have this kind of breed, you will enter into the exclusive club of Pomsky owners because the puppies are hard to find and the price is expensive as well. This breed is recognized by the Dog Registry of America (DRA) and two official organizations including the Pomsky Club of America (PCA) and International Pomsky Association (IPA) promotes this new mixed breed.

This breed has magnificent look of Husky and the delicate body of a Pomeranian. So, a lot of people love this breed because of its lovable look. Then, another thing that makes this breed is also more lovable is its eyes. Some people try to look for Pomsky with blue eyes. As you can see in the internet that Pomsky which has blue eyes is very gorgeous. Even breeders set high price for this kind of Pomsky. However, there is rumor which says that breeding blue eyed pomsky is dangerous. Is it true? Well, the answer is that that rumor is not true. No one knows where that rumor comes from but breeding blue eyed pomskies is not dangerous at all. For your information, Husky has had predominantly blue eyes for a long time.

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While, several huskies have eye issues as a lot of breeds. Studies have shown that blue eyed huskies have less opportunity to have issues than brown eyed huskies. Some breeders even have seen that they are using merles to get blue eyes and the merle gene can be dangerous. In case merles were being used, it will be obvious since half the pups will have merle markings. Until now, there is only one merle which was used in any of the PCA breeder lines and it was never crossed with another merle because it can become dangerous.

In addition, using merle for blue eyes does not make any sense because merle dogs have brown eyes genetically whether they come up blue from the bleaching action of the merle gene or not so only the puppies that were actually merle will be more likely to own blue eyes and most people do not want merle pomskies. They want pomskies which are marks like a husky. Husky with blue eyes have been shown to be partially dominant time and time again when they were crossed with the other breeds. So, getting pomskies with blue eyes is just a matter of selecting the right stud which will permit these traits to come through in the puppies.

If you are really interested in having pomsky with blue eyes, you are able to find them in a trusted breeders. Katiebrooke Kennels, Bark Avenue Puppies, and Canadian Pomsky seems to have this kind of Pomsky. Even in Canadian Pomsky, there are pomsky with one and a half blue eyes.

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