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The most people want to have a Pomsky which has Husky markings. Meanwhile, Pomsky comes in a variety of colours of coat. You can find it in gray, black, brown, white, tan, or even the mix of them such as black and white Pomsky and also they have different markings and they can be parti, solid or sable colored. If you like black colour and then you have seen that a black Pomsky can be a perfect pet for you, you can look for it and buy it in a breeder. Before you buy it, it is better for you to read some information about a black pomsky.

Black areas on a Pomsky come from cells which generate eumalanin. You have to note that black eumalanin can change into the other colors and those color include blue, brown or pale brown. In the genes of the dog cause the black eumalanin to change another color all of the black colouring will be turned. It can happen because the cells of the dog are not able to generate a full-strength pigment. You can consider it as a doluted version of a true black colouring. Browns and blue have black properties but are not pure forms of the original black pigment. Eumalanin also can be found in the other areas of a dog such as nose and irises. Dogs can own their noses black or any color and it will depend on what kind of eumalanin your canine can generate. Same as the coat, eyes and nose can have different restrictions levels of eumalanin and it will cause different shades of the colors mentioned. Pure black Pomsky is very rare, but black Pomskies with the other markings are fairly common.

Black Pomsky 1

Black Pomsky 2

Black Pomsky 3

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Another variety of Pomsky color is brown. There is a variety of Pomsky in brown that is very cute. It is the blue-eyed brownie. If you are looking for a brown Pomsky, this variety can be your good choice. You also have to know that it is rare and high in demand. This Pomsky is high in demand because they have cute colour pattern and eye color. They have stark contrast in color between the blue eyes and the brown coat and these things make this dog becomes the most beautiful types of Pomsky. This puppy has deep blue eyes, brown colouring and markings and also semi-long double layered coat. The size ranges the entire spectrum from small to large. To find this kind of dog is very difficult because they are rare and very high in demand. However, if you have a plan to buy this variety of dog, you have to prepare for the money because the price will be very expensive since the breeder value these markings very highly.

Before you buy a Pomsky, you have to know that there are difficult aspects of having a pomsky including attention, exercise and grooming. Nevertheless, this dog is a very smart dog so that they can learn new tricks and obey commands quickly.

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